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Where the Spirit of Driving has a Home

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Where the Spirit of Driving has a Home

We’re the only company in the area harnessing the latest technology for the look and feel you deserve.

It’s all about Power. V8 Power. Whether you need more power for competition or just appreciate professionally-engineered, high-performance in an MG, Mantell Motorsport can give you what you deserve. Click on the link below for more information about converting your MG or check out our own Ford302/MGB conversion as featured in British V8 Newsletter.

Be honest. It’s also about the Look. At Mantell Motorsport, we use Powder Coating, the fastest-growing finishing technology in America. It’s one of the most color-durable, quality finishes available. It will protect your treasure longer and has an almost unlimited color choice. It even protects the environment. Whether your MGB needs refinishing, the snowblower is looking a little worn or the kitchen appliances don’t match the new ceramic tile, click on the link above for more information about Powder Coating for a lasting, quality finish.