MG Conversions

So, you are looking for an engine conversion, something more powerful, more modern, more reliable, more fuel efficient?

Well, keep reading and let's see if an upgrade will work for you!

At Mantell Motorsport we offer a whole range of engine conversions:

"Starting up the V8 is entertainment in itself." - MG Enthusiast Magazine

There's nothing like an American V8 powerplant under the bonnet of classic British style. Muscle + Character. At Mantell Motorsport, we appreciate both.

Our state-of-the-art facility is dedicated toward crafting the ultimate driving experience. Wickedly Fast. Precision Engineering.

Our technical expertise and attention to detail is well established. Our professionally-engineered conversions have been featured in Roger Williams' book, How To Give Your MGB V8 Power (Speed Pro Series, Veloce Publishing) and in the January 2004 British V8 Newsletter. We've earned that level of recognition by maintaining the highest degree of professionalism with each of our conversions. We don't just stuff in a V8 and hope for the best. Bottom line- it's done right.

"Get rid of that puny engine and add some POWER!" - British V8 Enthusiasts

It's not over for us when the V8 conversion is done. Getting behind the wheel is what it's all about. Conversions, whether for competition or for pure pleasure, are a passion of ours. We sponsor the annual British V8 Meet to support the efforts of all conversion enthusiasts. We are a member of the BMTA (British Motor Trade Association), as well as maintaining memberships in the North American MGB Register, Prairie Octagon MG Club and the Spurious MG V8 Club.

If a conversion is in your future, contact us today!

Safety Very Fast,

Pete Mantell

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