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Panhard Rod Kits

A Panhard rod (also called Panhard bar or track bar) is a component of a car suspension system that provides lateral location of the axle. Originally invented by the Panhard automobile company of France in the early twentieth century, this device has been widely used ever since.

While the purpose of the suspension of an automobile is to allow the wheels to move vertically with respect to the body, it is undesirable to allow them to move forward and backwards, or from side to side. It is this latter movement that the Panhard rod is designed to prevent. It is a simple device, consisting of a rigid bar running sideways in the same plane as the axle, connecting one end of the axle to the car body on the opposite side of the vehicle. The bar is attached on either end with pivots that permit it to swivel upwards and downwards only, so that the axle is, in turn, allowed to move in the vertical plane only.

The ideal position of the bar is parallel with the axle. If adjusted and installed correctly this kit will allow that position.

Installed wider tires than stock? And now they are rubbing on the inner fender lip under ‘spirited’ driving conditions…

These kits will keep the axle located and will stop the tires rubbing (unless the tires you chose are too big!)

We have 2 kits available: Wire Wheel MGB kit & Disc Wheel MGB kit

Pictured below is a completed Disc Wheel kit:

Disc Wheel Panhard Kit

The Disc Wheel Panhard kit contains all components shown below:

Disc Wheel Panhard Kit Components

The Wire Wheel Panhard Kit components:

Wire Wheel Panhard Kit Components

The main differences are the length of the rod (due to the differences between wire wheel axle and disc wheel axle) and the extra spacers, U bolts and lowering blocks. Due to the shorter WW axle, it is necessary to lower the car by ½ inch to maintain correct suspension geometry.

Both kits contain full installation instructions.

Kits are finished in chassis black powdercoat, but can be ordered in most colors.

Custom Color Panhard Kit

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