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Powder Coating

BMW® recognizes a quality finish when they see it- and so will you.

Powder Coating is a technologically-advanced method of applying decorative and protective finishes. A finely-ground pigment and resin powder mix is sprayed onto the surface needing covered. The powder adheres to the negatively-charged surface until heated and then fuses into a high-quality, durable finish. Powder Coating can be used on a wide range of materials, such as metal, wood and plastic. It’s already being applied to BMW® and Volvo® automobiles, golf clubs, appliances, lighting fixtures, snowmobiles and outdoor furniture.

Why go with Powder Coating?

Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to wear and tear, chipping, scratches and fading than other finishes. The colors stay true much longer. The finish can be smooth or textured, metallic or matte, color or clear. The finish is how you want it today and next year. And the next and the next…

Not only do you get it how you want it, it costs less than many other more toxic refinishing processes. Powder Coating doesn’t release toxic solvents into the air like other processes. By eliminating the need for expensive pollution control equipment, Powder Coating saves money and helps save the environment at the same time. That’s why it’s also a part of green building projects that include low-emitting products.

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